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The most important digital solutions for your hotel and guests available in one app. For us digitalization is not just a buzzword, it allows you to put even more focus on the people.

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Why Choose Us

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Save Costs

Staff, energy, additional tools or equipment

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Save Time

Processes and administration

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Digital Solution

Take your hotel to the next level

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All-In-One Provider

Full guest assistance in one app

The SUITEe Model

The SUITEe Model

Delight Your Guests

Upgrade Your Way of Working

Financial Benefits

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Reduced Heating Costs

Due to automatic room temperature reduction after guest checks out. Including the possibility for remote setting in case of unusual consumption.

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30 Hours Less Administrative Work

Per 100 bookings due to automation and digitalization of the repeating work of your staff.

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30% Less Operational Costs

Through reduced administration, additional tools and licences, expensive technologies and their maintenance.

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Door Locks And Smart Devices Package Starting From Only 20€ Per Month

The hardware and software for the door locks is included in the SUITEe contract with low monthly fees.

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SUITEe Smart Devices

SUITEe provides all devices to transform your property and let you experience all benefits from smart home technologies, authomation and digitization. No renovation needed!

We will deliver to you door locks at the highest standards with mutliple unlocking options – remotely and mechanically.

Further smart devices in our portfolio include lights, switches, thermostats, shade and curtain controls, sensors, and much more.

The SUITEe Process

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Contact Us

Let's get to know each other! Non-binding, no time loss - let us answer your questions about SUITEe and learn about your expectations.

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Project Plan and Cost

We present and discuss with you the project plan, timeline and costs. After defining all the details, we are ready to continue as business partners.

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SUITEe has been built to easily adapt to the new market requirements and customer needs. You will also benefit from this development and always have an expert team by your side.

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Deep analyzes of your requirements, property and current business. Non-binding, we go together through your current processes and define the best solution for you.

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From now on we continue with the agreed plan and work together on the software and hardware implementation as well as on presenting the new USPs to your guests.

Frequently Asked Question

Should I invest a lot in renovation work to make my hotel smart?

Definitely not. You would be surprised how many amenities can become smart even without changing them.

What are typical smart devices?

Door locks, light switches, thermostat, shade control, all remote controls, sensors.

How much does it cost?

Our premium partners have individual terms based on their needs. We are ready to discuss personalized plans and support you in receiving a state digital bonus.

In any case, SUITEe would rather save you costs than become a high investment.

How secure is this solution?

We are not compromising with security! All the devices have the required certificates, and the software solutions are GDPR compliant.
The communication between the devices has been designed in an own way so the typical hacker attacks of the Wi-Fi network aren’t a threat.

What if there is a Wi-Fi or electricity outage

The smart devices platform is at its best when used for digital solutions like our app.

But internet or connectivity outage doesn’t stop your guests from enjoying the stay. When no internet is available the users can’t operate with the app but they can operate the devices directly.

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What People Say

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