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SUITEe was specially developed as a complete digital solution for hotels and their guests. This includes access, intelligent room control, digital reception and much more – all in a single application.

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The SUITEe Model

The use of SUITEe pays off for you

Reduced Heating Costs

Heating costs can be reduced by automatically lowering the room temperature after the guest has checked out. You also have the option of counteracting any unusual consumption.

40 Hours Less Administrative Work

Per 100 bookings due to automation and digitalization of the repeating work of your staff.

30% Less Operational Costs

Through reduced administration, additional tools and licences, expensive technologies and their maintenance.

Door Locks and Smart Devices Package from 20€/ Month

The hardware and software for the door locks is included in the SUITEe contract with low monthly fees.

No Renovation Needed with
SUITEe Smart Devices

SUITEe provides all devices to transform your property and lets you experience all benefits from smart home technologies, automation and digitization.
No renovation needed!

We will deliver to you, door locks at the highest standards with multiple unlocking options - remotely and mechanically

Further smart devices in our portfolio include lights, switches, thermostats, shade and curtain controls, sensors, and much more.

Quick and Hassle-free Process

Contact Us

Let’s get to know each other! Non-binding, no time loss - let us answer your questions about SUITEe and learn about your expectations.

Project Plan and Cost

We present and discuss with you the project plan, timeline and costs. After defining all the details, we are ready to continue as business partners.


SUITEe has been built to easily adapt to the new market requirements and customer needs. You will also benefit from this development and always have an expert team by your side.


Deep analyzes of your requirements, property and current business. Non-binding, we go together through your current processes and define the best solution for you.


From now on we continue with the agreed plan and work together on the software and hardware implementation as well as on presenting the new USPs to your guests.

Your easy & convenient digital solutions

Not enough technical know-how?
Our one-stop solution is here to elevate your business with the aim of improving management,
efficiency and control from the hotel management, as well as offering a better service to guests.


Door locks, ights, switches, thermostats, shade and curtain controls, sensors…


Your daily operator


No worries with different PMS,
we have a way to implement!

Frequently Asked Question

Not at all. You would be surprised how many amenities are smart
can be designed without having to make major structural changes.

These are usually door locks, light switches, thermostats, blind controls,
Remote controls and various sensors.

Our premium partners benefit from tailor-made conditions that suit their needsmeet individual needs. We are ready to discuss personalized plans
and to support you in applying for government digitalization funding.
In any case, our goal is to keep your costs as low as possible, rather than high
requiring investments

Your safety is our top priority. With SUITEe your data is safe and secure. We use reputable partners to secure your personal information.

The platform for smart devices is ideal for digital solutions like our app.
Even in the event of an internet or connectivity failure, your guests can continue their stay enjoy without restrictions. In such a case, your guests may not have one Access to the app, but can still control the devices manually.

What People Say

Max M.
Hotel Guest
Read More
The SUITEe app made our stay so much more convenient. Easy on and off Check out, control of room amenities and lots of great recommendations for Activities in the area. We love it!
Laura S.
Hotel Guest
Read More
SUITEe really enhanced our vacation. No annoying queues Reception and the ability to customize the room with one click. We come definitely again!
Robert K.
Hotel Manager
Read More
We implemented SUITEe in our hotel and our guests love it. It has the Increased operational efficiency and a modern and comfortable experience for our guests offered. We recommend!
Lisa K.
Hotel Guest
Read More
With SUITEe we feel safe and protected. The app offers contactless Payment option and the ability to adjust the room temperature, what is special I think it's great.
David R.
Hotel Owner
Read More
We love SUITEe's smart home features. It has our accommodation transformed into a high-tech paradise. Great thing!
Emily P.
Hotel Guest
Read More
The SUITEe app is super easy to use. I was able to control my room without any problem and found great restaurant recommendations. An essential tool for travelers!
Sarah H.
Hotel Guest
Read More
SUITEe really made our trips better. Check-in and check-out are carried out smoothly, and the remote control of the room facilities is super convenient. I can do it can't wait to use it again!
Albert P.
Hotel Owner
Read More
As a hotel owner, implementing SUITEe has proven to be a real benefit. The Guests love the convenient features and it has helped us streamline operations. A smart investment!
Tom L.
Hotel Guest
Read More
SUITEe exceeded our expectations. We feel safer and better cared for, thanks to all the possibility to customize our room the way we like it. A real must for travelers!

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