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Say goodbye to cumbersome hotel check-in customer queues and the need for extra devices. Say hello to a smart solution with SUITEe. With us, your check-in needs are just a few clicks away!

Problems of Yesterday

Staff Shortages

The struggle with the shortage of hotel staff in smaller cities.

Time-Consuming Check-In/Out

Lengthy check-in and check-out processes at the reception, causing inconvenience for both staff and guests.

24/7 Availability Demands

Needing round-the-clock availability of staff to handle late-night arrivals and early departures.

Bureaucratic ID Handling

Dealing with bureaucratic paperwork to copy and store Ids physically to fullfil the Meldeschein requirements.

Costly Check-In Machines

High initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs associated with traditional check-in machines.

Our Solutions for today

SUITEe is your solution for tackling complex problems. With its versatile toolkit, data-driven insights, and collaborative platform, it simplifies all the tiresome and complex processes related to managing your customer check-in needs.

Unifying diverse tools in one user-friendly interface, SUITEe ensures you have everything you need at your fingertips, while also saving time, and keeping your data safe.

Time Savings

Save up to 15 minutes per guest by automating identity documentation processes, reducing staff dependencies, and enhancing guest convenience from a distance.

Global Accessibility

Our multi-lingual solution supports recognized IDs worldwide, making it accessible to international guests. SUITEe is compatible with all recognized IDs, offering flexibility for check- in via the SUITEe app or a web browser on both mobile and desktop devices.

Environmentally Friendly

We provide digital copies of IDs only when necessary, reducing paper waste and promoting eco-friendliness.

Data Security

Partnered with renowned experts to ensure your data remains secure and protected.

Staff Efficiency

Empower your staff with more diverse tasks while our system handles identity verification efficiently.

Regular in-app Updates

Additionally, our software updates regularly to align with user needs, technology advancements, and market trends, ensuring a modern image for your property.

Fast, Easy, and Secure Check-In with SUITEe

Step 1

Enter Data

Step 2

Verify ID

Step 3

Check in

Frequently Asked Question

Self check-in with SUITEe allows you to check in to your hotel quickly and conveniently, without the need for lengthy registration forms and unnecessary waiting times.

Self check-in is easy with SUITEe. Use the app or check-in code to log in to your hotel and enter your room.

Yes, SUITEe offers a user-friendly app that makes self-check-in easier for you. Download the app to start the process.

Your safety is our top priority! All devices are certified and ours
Software solutions comply with the requirements of the GDPR. The communication between devices is secure and encrypted to prevent hacker attacks.

Yes, our support team is available to help you with any issues or questions you may have.

Be Smart, Choose SUITEe

Why stop at self-check-in when you can unlock the full potential of the SUITEe solution? Our suite of services goes beyond convenience; it offers an entire ecosystem to elevate your hospitality experience. From seamless reservations and personalized guest preferences to efficient property management, we’re here to transform every aspect of your business. Join us on this journey, and let’stakeyourhospitality offering to new heights together. Discover theendless possibilities with SUITEe.


The SUITEe Model

Your One-Stop Solution for Every Situation!

At our core, we believe in inclusivity and versatility. No matter if your customers are digital nomads, fully immersed in the tech world, or prefer traditional methods – we’ve got a tailored solution for all. At SUITEe, our commitment is to meet every person’s unique needs, and ultimately make their stay at the hotel easier from the very moment they book their stay at a Hotel to when they check out.



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