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You have booked a room at an accomodation offering SUITEe services? Congratulations!

Scroll down to learn more about the next steps using the SUITEe app and you are going to experience all the advantages of a digital and smart journey.

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Why Choose Us

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Save Time

Waiting times and the reception or on the phone

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Be flexible

Late-night check-in would never be a problem again

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Use your own device

Enjoy the comfort of having all you need in your hand

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Different locations,
one app

Save even more time and know what you get

Register and validate your ID

Check-In comfortably through the app before you arrive

  1. Upload your identification document
  2. Upload your picture
  3. Check if all the data is correct, sign it with your finger, and complete the verification
  4. Shortly after that, you will get a notification with the status of your verification. Green means you are good to go!
  5. If it has been declined, please try again or contact us
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Confirm you have arrived

  • Please make sure you check the earliest check-in time that the hotel offers.
  • Before that hour you won't be able to access your room.
  • Arriving late at night is not a problem

When you have arrived, just open the app, tap the Check-In button on your home screen and confirm that you are the property.

Enter the property and access you room

Once you have successfully checked in, your home screen would change and you can see your room number.

As well as buttons so you can open the doors on your way. Just tap the button on your screen when you stand next to the corresponding entrance.


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Control the room

Enter the room and control the room amenities in your preferred way - with one click through the app or as usual through the manual switches.

Depending on the property you may be able to turn the lights on and off, regulate the temperature, open and close the blinds, control the TV and much more.


Check-out time? Instead of going to the reception with your luggage, just close the door, tap the check-out button in your app and leave as comfortably as you have arrived.

Before you check-out, you will be asked to confirm that you have left the room in appropriate condition, closed all the doors and windows and water taps. Please also make sure you haven't left any belongings inside.

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What else does the SUITEe app offer you

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Explore and deal section

Find out what you can do in the surroundings, what are the landmarks or where is the best place to eat.

Keep an eye for our special deals!

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Personal profile and preferences

Save your preferred language, your documents and much more and save time on all your travels to hotels offering SUITEe services.

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Find and book an accomodation

You enjoy the advantages that SUITEe offers you? Find and book accomodations directly from you app and use your saved data to complete the registration.

Discover the seamless guest experience with SUITEe

Complete digital experience - from booking, check-in, and hotel acces to the control of smart-home technologies and much more

Frequently Asked Question

Is it obligatory to download the SUITEe app?

Yes, we strongly recommend you download the app and finish the registration before arrival so you can easily and comfortably enjoy your stay.

I have booked the room through another channel, can I still use the SUITEe app?

Yes, please register to SUITEe with the same e-mail address and data as you have used for making the booking and you would automatically see it in your app.

How much does it cost?

The SUITEe app and services are free of charge for the guests.

Furthermore your stay costs exactly as much as the hotel itself decides and we don't add any additional costs from our side.

How secure is this solution?

We are not compromising with security! All the devices have the required certificates, and the software solutions are GDPR compliant.
The communication between the devices has been designed in an own way so the typical hacker attacks of the Wi-Fi network aren’t a threat.

What if I can't get into my room?

We offer various emergency scenarios so the access for the authorized guests is always guaranteed.

If you experience any difficulties please contact the hotel emergency number. 

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